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Fire Safety within the Health Care Sector

List of courses relevant to Fire Safety within the Health Care Sector

Our team of fire officers include ex-firefighters, Fire Prevention Officers and Station Officers with a wide experience in fire safety aligned with a real understanding of the issues involved in fire safety in a care setting.

A short Fire Safety Awareness Course discusses the theory of fire, fire prevention and fire procedures while the longer course also focuses on the principles of fire spread and Fire Risk Assessment while the longer course for Fire Marshals, more appropriate for the larger services, also give the participants a basic understanding of the relevant legislation and the principles behind Fire Risk Assessment.

Legilstaion also requires all workplaces, including each individual care home, to undertake Fire Safety Risk Assessments. Brunel’s fire officers can work with your organisation and carry out such assessments.

Our full range of Fire Safety courses include:

  • Fire Safety Awareness Course for Care Staff (1½-hour)
  • Fire Safety Procedures and Awareness Course for Care Staff (3-hour)
  • Fire Safety Course for Fire Marshals Course (1-day)

As an additional service, we can assist organisations in the completion of their Fire Safety Risk Assessments as well as organising and monitoring staged incidents.