runel Occupational Health & Safety Services

Food Hygiene within the Health Care Sector

Brunel offer a variety of Food Hygiene courses all of which are accredited by the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health. In addition to the formal, certificated courses we design paper-based or computer-based packages to suit you that can be used as an on-going refresher programme for maintaining staff’s knowledge.

Food safety legislation requires anyone handling unwrapped high risk food to receive formal food hygiene training. This will include nurses, support workers and residential care staff preparing and serving food. The Essential Food Hygiene course is the baseline examined course to meet this need addressing the causes of food poisoning and the preventative actions which need to be taken. We have also developed an equivalent course which is taught using a combination of pre-course distance learning and classroom work thus reducing the time when staff will need to be away from their workplace.

For those working in areas where food is stored or prepared but are not directly involved in its preparation (for example cleaners), the 3½-hour Food Hygiene Awareness course is an appropriate alternative.

The need to conduct Hazard Analysis (Risk Assessment) on food is a legal requirement and an increasingly important management activity. Brunel also offer the 2-day Essentials of HACCP Practice Course which gives participants the opportunity to develop and then practice the technique of undertaking such assessments before demonstrating their competence in the end-of-course examination.

Brunel has also been involved in the development of a Food Hygiene training programme for people with special needs and learning difficulties. The package involves direct contact teaching as well as computer and paper-based learning and will allow the students to work through a series of staged qualifications from the minimum standard acceptable for them to be able to handle food under supervision to a standard equivalent to the 1-day Essential Food Hygiene qualification allowing them to handle food unsupervised in any workplace setting.

Our full range of Food Hygiene Courses include:

  • Essential Food Hygiene Course
  • Essential Food Hygiene course preceded by Distance Learning
  • Food Hygiene Awareness Course
  • Essential HACCP Practice
  • Ongoing refresher training

As an additional service, we can assist organisations in the completion of their Food Safety Hazard Analysis as well as conducting food safety audits.