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Manual Handling within the Health Care Sector

List of courses relevant to Manual Handling within the Health Care Sector

Brunel’s Manual Handling training addresses the issues of Inanimate Object and People movement separately. The courses can therefore be run separately over two sessions or as one longer session. The Inanimate Objects Course addresses the definition of Manual Handling, the structure of the back and Back Care as well as the Manual Handling Risk Assessment process and the principles for safe lifting. This can then be built upon when considering the issues specific to the movement of people. The course gives participants the forum to discuss and solve Manual Handling problems which they have encountered in their individual workplaces. All solutions offered follow the guidelines in the Royal College of Nursing and BackCare publication: The Guide to the Safe Handling of Patients (Introducing a safer lifting policy).

Having undertaken the initial training, our refresher courses can be used to reinforce safe messages  as well as keeping staff abreast of equipment development and giving the opportunity for them to address evolving people movement issues within the workplace

If complex issues are being encountered within the workplace, Brunel’s Manual Handling consultants can visit the care home and work with the client and staff directly to develop workable and acceptable solutions

Our full range of Manual Handling courses include:

·        Manual Handling of Inanimate Objects Course (2-hour)

·        Manual Handling of People Course (3-hour)

·        Manual Handling Course addressing inanimate object and people movement (1-day)

·        Refresher Training 

As an additional service, we can help organisations by working with them to provide solutions for their manual handling problems.