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COSHH within the Health Care Sector

List of courses relevant to COSHH within the Health Care Sector

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) requires employees to receive training in the risks and the control measures needed to make hazardous substances safe in the workplace. This includes biological as well as chemical substances. Within the care setting, consideration needs to be given not only to the everyday cleaning chemicals but also to medication and the risk of infection. To allow these complex areas to be explored fully, Brunel have developed three separate courses to address each one individually.

Our COSHH Awareness Course ensures an understanding of the regulations as well as a structured approach to controlling hazardous chemicals.

The Infection Control course ensures a complete understanding by the delegates of the potential causes of infection as well as dispelling the myths and correcting any misinformation that many people have received prior to the course. Once a balanced understanding of the risk has been achieved it is possible to explore the achievable and appropriate procedures that should be adopted to control the risks. As trainers delivering the course have experience working within the care sector they can approach the discussions and concerns with a balanced and understanding approach.

Brunel’s Medication Course is suitable any member of staff who has a responsibility in the receipt, handling or administration of medicines. The course addresses the controls necessary to ensure the safety of medication at every stage from collection through storage and administration to disposal.

Our full range of Hazardous Substance courses include:

  • COSHH Awareness Course (2-hour)
  • COSHH Risk Assessors Course (3-hour)
  • Infection Control for Care Staff (2-hour)
  • Control of Medicines Course (3-hour)