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Health and Safety

List of courses relevant to Health and Safety

As well as our specialist branch which works primarily with the healthcare sector, Brunel has experience working within a variety of industries providing Health and Safety and related training and consultancy.

Our suite of Health and Safety training packages offers a course suitable for employees at all levels within the organisation including employees at induction, managers, directors and Safety Representatives as well as for Safety Professionals by way of the NEBOSH National Diploma. These courses discuss, at the appropriate level, the responsibilities of the course audience under Health and Safety legislation, as well as examining the basic principles of Risk Assessment. The more detailed Risk Assessment course examines the Risk Assessment process in more detail, giving course participants the opportunity to develop their skills by undertaking specific Risk Assessments. All of these courses can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the organisation, focusing on specific aspects of the organisation’s policy, procedures, specific risks and/or Risk Assessment process.

Our suite of Health and Safety Courses include:

  • Risk Assessors Course
  • Health and Safety Course for Managers
  • Health and Safety Course for Safety Representatives
  • Health and Safety Course for Employees
  • Health and Safety Course for specific work groups
  • plus other health and safety courses designed specifically for the healthcare sector

As well as offering a full suite of training programmes, our consultants can work with your organisation to help manage your Health and Safety. This can take the form of developing, implementing and/or managing a total management system; it should be remembered however that for larger organisations, case law demonstrates that the courts expect competent safety advisors to be appointed internally, though we can assist and support such an individual if required.

Alternatively, it may be more appropriate for us to undertake a one-off activity. This may include:

  • Policy Development
  • Policy Review
  • Assistance with or completion of Risk Assessments
  • Safety Inspections
  • Safety Audit
  • Accident Investigations

We also provide a Helpline Facility which allows organisations to subscribe to over-the-telephone advice