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First Aid

List of courses relevant to First Aid

As a training organisation accredited by Qulasafe, we provide First Aid at Work training: both the 3-day initial training course and the 2-day refresher course for holders of a valid First Aid at Work certificate (attained within the last 3-years) as well as the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work Course. These courses meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

The ethos of our training is to not only provide students with the knowledge required to treat a variety of First Aid situations, but also the skills and confidence to be able to use this knowledge in a real situation. This is achieved by realistic scenarios being staged and students being given the opportunity to deal with them, as if they were real. This method of training can be particularly exploited within the 3-day course where every student is required to deal with at least one scenario within the training environment

To a lesser extent, due to the time permitted, this method of training is extended to the 4-hour Basic First Aid Course. This course provides participants with the knowledge and basic skills required to deal with life-threatening situations with some other injuries and illnesses discussed, in less depth, as time permits. The 1-day Emergency First Aid Course provides a more thorough discussion of some of these injuries and illnesses as well as allowing students to practice their skills more before attempting to demonstrate a level of competence to the course trainer. The 4-hour course in particular can be focused specifically to those most likely to be encountered by the client group.

A further course within our repetoire is the 2-day Paediatric First Aid Course. This course has been designed to specifically meet the expectations of OFSTED and as such is suitable for all staff working with young children including Nursery Workers and Child Minders. Students get the opportunity to practice their skills extensively and then, if a satisfactory standard is reached, attain a Brunel Certificate of Competence.

First Aid is a valuable, but rarely used skill. Although the current legislation requires the courses to be repeated every three-years, many organisations realise that during this time, a significant amount of the First Aider’s knowledge and skill will be lost. Consequently, they chose to provide refresher training to allow this loss to be minimised. We have provided refresher training in a variety of formats for these organisations, varying from 2-hours to full-day sessions. The nature of the sessions vary to meet the needs of the individual organisation, but usually offer participants the opportunity to refresh skills by practicing rather than simply being retaught the material in the same way as in a formal course. To encourage repeated attendance at these courses, the programmes are varied and can also be extended to First Aid related subjects to maintain the participants’ interest.

Our complete repertoire of courses include:

  • Initial First Aid at Work Course (accredited by Qualsafe)
  • First Aid at Work Refresher Course (accredited  by Qualsafe)
  • Emergency First Aid at Work Course (accredited by Qualsafe)
  • Basic First Aid Course
  • Paediatric First Aid Course
  • First Aid Refresher Workshops

The guidance to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 suggest that the most appropriate way to ensure compliance with the regulations is to carry out a First Aid Risk Assessment of the premises. This is an activity that our consultants can carry out on your behalf.