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List of courses relevant to COSHH

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 require Risk Assessments to be carried out for all substances hazardous to health and for any resultant risks to be adequately controlled. Such substances will include not only chemicals, but also biological agents and medication, which will have particular implications for the healthcare sector.

Our COSHH Risk Assessors Course equips those required to undertake such assessments with the necessary skills to carry them out competently, while a basic COSHH Awareness Course familiarises those working with such chemicals with the importance of adhering to the resultant procedures.

Our COSHH courses include:

As an alternative to organisations carrying out their COSHH Risk Assessments internally, our consultants can come into your organisation and carry them out on your behalf. COSSHH Consultancy will include:

  • Working on site, ideally with the individual responsible for Health and Safety
  • Understand the nature and use of the substance to be assessed
  • Provision of a report detailing the findings of the assessment along with the recommendations for the adequate control of the risks.

As part of our Occupational Health Service we are also able to provide a health surveillance programme where it is identified by the risk assessment as being necessary. This includes: