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Food Hygiene

List of courses relevant to Food Hygiene

Brunel Occupational Health and Safety Service Ltd is accredited by the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health to provide Food Hygiene training.

The most popular course is our 1-day Essential Food Hygiene Course (a Level 2 qualification in Food Safety). Current Food Safety legislation requires all food handlers to attend a course commensurate with their job. This is interpreted by the enforcing authorities that those who are handling open high-risk food should attend a 1-day training course; this course is a suitable example.

In response to customer demand, we developed a shortened version of this 1-day course, which requires students to complete a distance-learning workbook before attending the 3-hour tuition session. Students are issued with a workbook and detailed course text book approximately 1-month before the course date and asked to complete the 10 activities. With the exception of a few workplace-specific questions, all of the activities’ answers can be found within the course text. Strict rules are enforced to prevent students undertaking the tuition element if they cannot demonstrate that they have completed the pre-course work. The tuition element allows the key points to be revisited and any queries to be clarified before the students undertake the end of course assessment.

For those working within the catering industry, but not involved in the handling of high risk food (for example bar staff where meals aren’t served, supermarket cashiers etc) it is considered that the law requires a lesser course to be undertaken. A suitable course is the Food Hygiene Awareness Course (a level 1 qualification in Food Safety for the Catering Industry).

The legislation requires that this knowledge must be refreshed, though does not specify how this should be achieved. Many organisations require their staff to repeat the whole course on a regular basus (usually 3-yearly).  However, we have worked with organisations to develop ongoing refresher programmes, which allow staff to maintain their knowledge on an ongoing basis with routine and regular update sessions and workplace activities that meet their own specific needs. As long as these are carefully recorded to be able to demonstrate that staff knowledge is routinely updated, there is no specific reason why staff should also repeat the initial course.

The law also requires food establishments to undertake Food Safety Hazard Analysis; this requirement has been endorsed within the recent changes to the food safety legislation. Our 2-day Essential HACCP Practice Course provides those responsible for undertaking this task with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the analyses competently.

Our complete suite of Food Hygiene Courses include

  • Essential Food Hygiene Course
  • Essential Food Hygiene Course preceded by Distance Learning
  • Food Hygiene Awareness Course
  • Essential HACCP Practice Course
  • Ongoing Food Hygiene Refresher Programme

As an alternative to organisations carrying out their Hazard Analysis internally, our Food Hygiene consultants can come into your organisation and carry them out on your behalf.

Like Health and Safety, it is important that Food Hygiene management systems and procedures are well defined, maintained and monitored. Our consultants can assist organisations by:

  • Development, implementation and/or maintenance of Food Hygiene Management System
  • Policy Development
    •             Policy Review
    •             Assistance with or completion of Hazard Analysis
    •             Inspections of Food Premises
    •             Food Hygiene Management System Audit

As part of our Occupational Health Service we are also able to provide health screening for food handlers.