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Fire Safety

List of courses relevant to Fire Safety

With the forthcoming changes to the legislation around Fire Safety within the workplace, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that all staff understand the procedures to follow in the event of a fire as well as the actions that are expected of them to prevent a fire from occurring.

Our Fire Safety Officers provide a suite of courses aimed at everyone within the organisation including managers responsible for ensuring fire safety, fire marshals responsible for facilitating a complete and effective evacuation as well as a general awareness course suitable for all employees.

This suite of courses includes:

  • Fire Safety Awareness Course
  • Fire Safety Awareness and Prevention Course 
  • Fire Prevention Course
  • Fire Safety Course for Fire Marshals
  • Fire Extinguisher Course

plus other fire safety courses designed specifically for the healthcare sector

As well as providing staff with Fire Safety training, Fire Safety legislation now requires all employers to conduct a Fire Safety Risk Assessment of each of their premises. Our Fire Safety officers can assist organisations with this responsibility by carrying out the Risk Assessments on behalf of the organisation, or by supporting those who are carrying them out internally. As a follow up exercise, we can also conduct a Practical Review of your Fire Safety Procedures, which acts as a valuable management and training tool.