runel Occupational Health & Safety Services

Health Care Specific

What can Brunel offer you?

We can deliver training in all aspects of Health and Safety (including the IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely Courses for Healthcare Practitioners), First Aid, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Infection Control, Medication Training and Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Training. These courses have been developed to reflect the requirements identified by  the Common Induction Standards as well as relevant Health and Safety legislation.

To compliment this training, we are able to develop training packages to suit you. These packages can be used as on-going refresher training for your staff once they have attended the initial training. In addition, our trainers and consultants can visit your premises to give specific advice on specific areas of Health and Safety or more general Health and Safety risk management.

Where will this training be delivered?

One of the advantages of using Brunel is that we can come to you, thus reducing the need for your staff to travel long distances. We will provide all of the equipment necessary to deliver the training.

When will the training be provided?

The majority of courses are delivered during normal working hours from Monday to Friday. However, we have the flexibility to be able to offer some courses during evenings or at weekends. We have even delivered courses for night-staff during the early hours of the morning.

Although the duration of each course is essentially pre-determined, they can, if necessary, be split across two sessions.

How will the training be delivered?

Brunel's courses involve more than the trainer simply lecturing to the participants. Instead the training will involve a variety of discussions, group exercises, video presentations and practical work where appropriate.

Who will be delivering the training?

All of our trainers and consultants are specialists in their field, but have the added advantage of having had experience of working within the care sector. As such, they understand the issues relevant to the course participants allowing the training to have the appropriate emphasis.

Who is this training designed for?

Brunel can offer the Health and Safety training for all of your organisation’s staff. The base-line training is designed primarily as an induction programme for all new-start care staff. This package can also be used as refresher training for existing staff and managers alike. We also have courses appropriate for non-care staff and those specifically in a management role.

So why choose Brunel?

Because we know the care sector. When choosing a training provider you need to know that they have a profound understanding of your industry and are fully competent to deliver that training. With Brunel you can be sure of both. Our team of highly qualified trainers all have experience of care provision in a wide variety of settings. The variety of our client base is a testament to our quality and flexibility; it includes NHS trusts as well as national care providers for people with Learning Difficulties and Mental Health problems.

We can adapt any course for you or, if needed, we can devise a completely new course for your specific needs.  Brunel understands both the issues associated with care work as well as the training required to meet the ever-improving standards within the industry.

As well as being able to provide front-end training we can also work with you to develop your Health and Safety Management programme and assist with the risk assessment process in all areas thus offering you a complete package.

An approach to Health and Safety training that meets your specific needs

Brunel's speciality Health and Safety and Occupational Health Services for the Health Care Sector includes the following areas: